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We are a Financial Data Research and AI Tooling company based in Singapore, specializing in providing financial data research, AI-integrated products, and CTO services to businesses both locally and online. Leveraging the latest in AI and LLMs, we offer performant full-stack development utilizing cutting-edge tools and APIs. At the heart of what we do is to work on stuff that matters, build enduring trust, continually expand our product knowledge, and actively explore new market avenues. Our goal is to empower our clients to realize their business and technological aspirations.

Our Services

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Rocketship CTO Services

Founder-led CTO services, tailored for service companies, specialize in performant full stack development using the latest tools and APIs. We provide comprehensive system design, innovative product development, and AI integration. Additionally, we offer the option to recruit skilled engineering teams through our partnership with Worknetics. See our success stories and case studies, available upon request.

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Latent Markets

Founder-led Financial Markets Research & Data Visualization Services for Funds & Investors.

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Latent Workers

Enhance your online presence with AI. Latent Workers not only creates original, SEO-optimized content, but also edits and improves existing content, making it highly relevant for search engines.

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AI Copilot for Telegram, to help with daily work tasks to educational support for the young and old, with text, image, and audio AI capabilities.

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Past Projects

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Balancesoft: On-chain Payment Gateway

Balancesoft, dubbed as the "Stripe" for blockchain transactions, is an on-chain payment and accounting gateway that simplifies cryptocurrency transactions. By leveraging both the Solana and Ethereum blockchains, Balancesoft streamlines cryptocurrency accounting and payment processes, offering a seamless transaction experience.

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