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About Us
We specialise in helping client businesses, mainly on the revenue side, through data, technology, and finance. We have strong technical experience in our domains, with iterations of 10,000 hours building and trying out what works. Based in Singapore, we're the go-to independent firm focused on getting results for our clients with 6+ years of being in business. What we do - B2B, Tech (emcompassing AI / LLMs), Financial Markets, Commercials.
Our Services
1. Latent Wise
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  - Description: Data & SaaS integration service to empower management to optimize sales & consulting team performance through customized, data-driven dashboards

2. Latent Markets
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  - Description: Market monitoring and data analysis service. Tailored for market data vendors and traders.

3. Latent Workers (Beta)
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  - Description: Elevate your SEO strategy with AI-generated WordPress blog content. Our intelligent algorithms create engaging, high-quality content that ranks.

4. Chatleh (Alpha)
  - Visit: To Be Announced
  - Description: Transform your Telegram experience with AI. From daily work tasks to educational support for the young and old, we offer text, image, and audio AI capabilities directly within Telegram.
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Email: [email protected]
Address: 21 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049320
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